Blonde Fitness Model Babes versus Brunette Fitness Model Babes

Blondes and brunettes regularly compete against each other in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, but how do they stack up against each other?


Blonde hair is the result of low eumelanin levels. However, it comes in many hues, which are the result of numerous factors. It can range from pale to strawberry or golden brown. The hair of blond women will usually darken as they age and most commonly occurs in women who live in the Northern part of Europe, due to the region’s lower sunlight and vitamin D levels. In Western society, blond hair is held in very high regard, and is considered by many to be the standard of beauty. It is for this reason that many women who are not natural blondes will dye their hair. However, blondes are also stereotyped as being dumb, irresponsible, and overly playful.  The first true blond to capture a major bodybuilding competition was Corinna Everson in 1984.


Brunette or brown hair is the 2nd most common hair type among human females. It ranges from lighter brown to deep brown and results from elevated eumelanin pigment levels. All brunettes have low levels of pheomelanin, which is a pale pigment. Brunette hair is quite common in the West, particularly in the U.S. and Northwestern Europe, but it is also prevalent throughout Latin America, the Middle East and Central Asia. The first brunette to capture a bodybuilding competition was Rachel McLish; in 1980.Brunettes have a reputation of being serious, dedicated, and reliable. However, brunette hair has never held the same prestige of blonde, likely because it is far more common.

A Side by Side Comparison

The majority of fitness models and female bodybuilders are brunettes. However, this is partly because there is a much larger population of brunettes to begin with. In the world of competitive fitness, the most prestigious fitness competition for women is Ms. Olympia, which debuted in 1980. The first inaugural winner was Rachel McLish, a brunette. Corinna Everson wouldn’t capture the title until 1984, but would hold it from 1984 to 1989, far longer than McLish.

When viewed from this perspective, the contest between blonde and brunette fitness models could be considered a draw. On the one hand, while the very first Ms. Olympia was a brunette, the first blond to capture the titled held it six times as long.