Why Do Many Female Bodybuilders Have a Large Clit?

One of the most alluring things about female bodybuilders is that many, though not all of them have a large clitoris, a phenomenon which is referred to as Clitoromegaly. There are a whole host of myths and misconceptions regarding this very sensitive subject, which we will address below.

Where Do Large Clits Come From?

A large clitoris can arise from many causes. Scientists and doctors point out that it may be present from birth or could develop later in a woman’s life. While the clitoris of all women will swell during sexual arousal and orgasm, in women with Clitoromegaly it will remain that way. If present from birth, it could be the result of elevated androgen’s, which are the sex hormones normally associated with males.

If it develops later in life, it could result from using performance enhancement products, which some female bodybuilders and athletes might use. Also, women who lift weights regularly might increase the level of testosterone in their bodies, which could also contribute to an enlarged clit, but it is important to remember that there are also female bodybuilders that have a normal sized clitoris.

Is a Large Clit Just a Small Penis?

Absolutely not, and this is one of the most unfortunate myths surrounding Clitoromegaly.  It is another way of saying that female bodybuilders are not feminine, that there is something inherently wrong with them, and that the men who are attracted to them are secretly homosexual, all of which is patently false. A penis has testicles attached to it and is able to ejaculate inside a woman and impregnate her, something that is impossible for a clitoris to do. Yes, the penis and clitoris do have the same evolutionary origin, but this does not make them the same. They differ in function.

Why Having a Large Clitoris is Actually Empowering

In conducting research for this article, I found that the overwhelming majority of information on the net surrounding Clitoromegaly is negative. Most health journals present it as a medical issue, while non medical sources were not very helpful either. But the simple fact of the matter is that having a large clitoris is nothing to be ashamed of and is actually empowering and in my opinion, actually makes a woman more feminine than ladies that have a small or normal size clit.

And while there doesn’t appear to be a difference in the level of sexual enjoyment between a large and small clitoris, there is a huge symbolic difference and physical enjoyment on the part of the male, at least men like me. A woman with Clitoromegaly is more enjoyable in bed precisely because her large clit is easier to access and enjoy. It is right there for you to touch, lick, kiss, caress and fondle, and a man can also rub the most sensitive parts of his penis onto her large clitoris to create incredible mutual pleasure between himself and his female partner, something that is not as effective with a woman that has a smaller clit which is hidden from view.

And when you consider the fact that the clitoris is primarily designed for sexual pleasure and is one of the main ways a woman achieves orgasm, it is easy to see why having a large clit is actually more feminine than a woman that has a small clit, just as men with larger penises are sometimes considered more manly than men that have smaller penises. Needless to say, Clitoromegaly is one of the things that make many female bodybuilders so intoxicating and desirable.